Oversized CAT & FISH 3D Print Knitwear Slouchy Knitted Chunky Jumper (One-Size, Beige)

Product Features

  • Size: one size fits US: S, M, L
  • Length: 64cm/25” Bust: 105-120cm/41”-47″
  • Material: Polyester and Wool Mix

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3 thoughts on “Oversized CAT & FISH 3D Print Knitwear Slouchy Knitted Chunky Jumper (One-Size, Beige)”

  1. hummmm… bought color beige, looks exactly the same as the picture.The size is ok for me but I am a so called “doll-size” asian girl so it is “oversized” for me.The weird thing is,there is no single tag on this sweater so I don’t know what material it was made of.This kinda bothers me because I don’t know if I can just wash it use a washing machine or by hands. The material feels….not so soft for me and it itches a little when I was wearing it.Overall I love the design but I think the seller should at least put a tag on it.

  2. I LOVE the multi-dimensional richness of this great nubbled sweater! Not to mention the great cat and adorable artistic and whimsical touch of the fish! I bought it for the cat, love it for the cat, the fish and well, everything! This sweater is like a comforting friend! PURR-FECT in all ways for me anyway! GREAT SELLER! Well packaged, wonderfully sent with loving care and thoughtfulness! A very positive and happy Amazon shopping experience. Oh, and did I mention how much I LOVE the sweater!?! I DO!!!!

  3. I adore the sweater’s look a lot. It’s a bit small(it fits like a regular sweater, but oversized? no) It’s a little itchy, but I think if I wash it it will be wearable. There’s no tag though. So I’m going to wash it in cold water then hang it dry. The cat’s head isn’t attached at the top, but I think that’s where the fish is stitched on, it’s closed all the way around though. Like, you can’t stick your finger through the cat from the top or anything. It’s just stitched farther down than expected. I was worried it would fall off but then I realized what it was. Anyway!I love it. 4/5 would definitely recommend.

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