Papercraft for Minecraft

Product Features

  • Import your own skin!
  • New Minecraft 1.8 skin compatible (64 bit skins with clothing)
  • 3D Skin Preview!
  • Email, Print or View the Papercrafts
  • No printer? No problem! You can have us print it and mail it by using the “Order Kit” option
  • Ambient game music adds to the experience while you craft

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2 thoughts on “Papercraft for Minecraft”

  1. This app is an absolute rip off. If You do not want to waste your money, DO NOT BUY! My kids saved their nickles and dimes to pay $2.00 for this app. They were so happy to finally be able to print and put together Minecraft Paper Craft. My 9 year is particularly good at it. He has the patience and can put even those tiny, little ones one can barely see. Anyhow, once we finally got it all ready for printing there was a message of having to pay $3.00!!! to be able to print the cutouts. What is the point of this app I ask???. WHAT A RIP OFF!!! I am looking to see how I can get my…

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