Pearhead Babyprints Photo Frame

Do-it-yourself. The Babyprints Desktop Frame is a kit that allows you to create an actual impression of your baby’s hand or foot. Now you can look back and remember just how small they once were.Frame your perfect impression alongside your favorite photo. The Babyprints Desktop Frame Kit makes the perfect gift for baby showers, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other very special occasions.

Product Features

  • No Baking, no Mess
  • Includes, ?clean-touch? inkpad, footprint cards, frame, and matting
  • Babyprints Photo Frame

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2 thoughts on “Pearhead Babyprints Photo Frame”

  1. An all-in-one product to capture memories The Pearhead Babyprints Photo Frame contained everything that we needed, which made it convenient for us. It contained the stamping kit (we had to do some “redos” and the stamping kit provided enough ink to do about 4), stamp cards (cards where you stamps are placed on), and there are about 15 or more different labels to place under the photo (e.g. “My First Prints”, “My Little Prints”, “Memories”). The frame is pretty good quality. It seems sturdy.It’s definitely convenient to be able to get stamps of the feet/hands without having to wipe off any ink!We followed the instructions provided with the product, which was helpful. Remember that it’s easier to have get the best stamps when your baby is asleep. It definitely helps to have at least two people when trying to get stamps (maybe three people if you’re trying to photograph this occasion of getting your baby’s first prints). When placing the foot and/or hand on the stamp pad, we found it best to place the bottom of the foot or the bottom of the hand first and then continue to put the rest of the foot and hand on the stamp pad while applying the same amount of pressure. We placed the foot and/or hand for a few seconds and we were done! Make sure that the person holding the stamp paper holds it in place and then pulls it straight off and not at an angle.We were satisfied with this product and would purchase it again if and when we need it. We rate the product with 4 stars because we wanted a different frame color. However, the contrast of the white frame and the black stamp print does highlight the prints very well.

  2. I wanted so much to love this but… I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the frame. I love the white frame, silver lining around the picture/prints, and black ink, it all looks very nice together. However, I was disappointed for two reasons, hence the three star review.I took away one star because like other reviews stated, the ink pad truly is too small. I had to use a different ink pad which was very messy but still turned out okay (but was an additional cost). There really is no way to get a decent print of the hand with the ink pad that’s provided if your baby is on the bigger size. I even lined up the ink pad to the hand print they have displayed and it wouldn’t fit. You should be able to get a print of the foot with the ink pad provided, so an idea would be to have two foot prints instead of a hand and a foot, but I didn’t want to do this so I had to use a different ink pad.The second reason I took away a star is because the options that Amazon displays for the phrases under the picture are NOT the options that you receive with the frame… VERY frustrating, because the whole reason I bought the frame was to get the “I love Grandma” phrase which is shown in the picture description… The picture on Amazon shows at least 14 different phrases in English, along with different years, but what you really receive is the different years and ONLY 6 phrasing options (which is less than half of what’s shown), in different languages (English, French, German, and Spanish). The phrases you are able to choose are: “my first prints”, “my baby”, “my first year”, “my little prints”, “our baby”, and “my birthday”. I contacted customer service about this and they said there’s nothing they can do, as they stopped making the old phrasing and all that’s available is what was sent. I kindly suggested that they updated their picture/item description then. To solve the problem, I just made an “I love Grandma” phrase on the computer and used that instead. Still a headache though.Overall, I wouldn’t suggest spending the $25 to purchase this frame. It seems like a project that could easily be done for cheaper and less hassle by buying the supplies and making the stuff yourself.In summary:Pros:Nice sized frameBeautiful looking frame/matting colorsPhrasing comes in different languages (if needed)No mess ink pad is a good idea, and may work for small to very small babiesExtra cards are provided for foot/hand prints in case of mistakesCons:Ink pad MUCH too small for hand printAdditional cost/time to purchase another ink pad to make project workLimited amount of phrasing optionsPhrasing not what’s shown in item description$25 seems a bit pricey

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