Precious Hands Plaster Molding Kit

COLORBOK-Precious Hands Plaster Molding Kit. Preserve the years in this 3-dimensional keepsake. Each kit contains 1.4 ounces of 3-D gel; 1.5 lbs Plaster of Paris; Heart Shaped molding tray; wall mount; creative tips sheet and easy to follow instructions. An easy 15 minute project! From infant to 12 years. Adult supervision required.

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2 thoughts on “Precious Hands Plaster Molding Kit”

  1. This is amazing. Others are doing this wrong for bad reviews. I did these with all 5 of my kids in 2 days! You just need to read the directions carefully. My kids are ages 11 months thru 13 years old at the time I did these with them! The amount of detail in their prints is amazing! I used a different mold for the little kids because I just liked it better. However you can’t beat using the gel!!! I’ve done clay with kids before and it was awful and the results weren’t great. This gel is amazing and after the plastic dries, it really looks like your kids hand. I painted it with metallic paint and they look amazing. I always get compliments on them! And people often ask how I did them. It’s cheap too! Great keepsake!! I think the people who left bad reviews just didn’t follow directions.

  2. Wow, my 6 1/2 couldn’t do it, and she’s a crafty kid! We got this gift for her birthday & I’m ashamed to tell my friend that it was a flop. My daughter ia well behaved child..sits through projects & is crafty. This gel mess was just that…. A big mess the mold suck to get hand….& was A waste of a bday present. We have made plenty of molds & this brand compares none!!!.. I will have to go out & buy stuff to make mold…my friend had great intentions,..the product- didn’t! I want my gel replaced!

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