Professional 8 in 1 Multifunction Sublimation Heat Press Machine – Model PRO-8800X

This commercial-grade heat press from American Specialty Tool includes 8 elements that allow you to create custom t-shirts, license plates, mugs, hats, and many other unique and fun items. Transfer onto an array of surface materials such as fabric, metal, ceramic, wood and glass. Element sizes are: 15″ x 11.5″ flat/t-shirts; 6oz. mug (2 – 3″ diameter); 11oz. mug (3″ – 3.5″ diameter); 12oz. latte mug (4.75″ diameter); 17oz. latte mug (4.75″ diameter); 6″ x 3″ cap; 4.75″ small plate; and 6″ large plate. Detached 12″ x 8″ cradle for use with the mug heating element included; comes with coated handle and rubber feet. The swing-away design directs pressure straight down for a more even application. The elevated aluminum lower platen allows you to easily insert and remove t-shirts from the machine. The elements included with this heat press (except the cap press) are Teflon-coated and non-stick to prevent scorching of transfers and do not require a separate silicone/Teflon sheet. The cap press is made of high-grade aluminum and does not require special sheets, either. The pressure-adjustment knob allows you to adjust the pressure according to the thickness of the material to which you’re transferring. The multi-spring balancer maintains consistent pressure over the entire platen surface for complete and even transfers. Digital temperature control lets you preset the temperature; the element will stop heating when the preset temperature is reached. A digital timer with an audible alarm helps avoid overexposure. This commercial-grade heat press is true 1,200 watts rated with a temperature range up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit. A coated handle is included for long production runs. Arrives fully assembled and ready to use with 8 heating elements as described including a special ball cap platen and detached mug/latte cradle, removable lower platen with integrated hi-temp silicone pad, and operating instructions (printer and paper not included).

Product Features

  • Commercial-grade, heavy-duty; built to last
  • 8 heating elements of varying size; temperature range up to 750F
  • Transfer to t-shirts, mouse pads, license plates, mugs, hats, wood, metal, ceramic, glass, etc.
  • Swing-away design
  • Adjustable pressure setting; digital timer and temperature control

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2 thoughts on “Professional 8 in 1 Multifunction Sublimation Heat Press Machine – Model PRO-8800X”

  1. Great Machine to start your T-shirt or Sublimation Business I spent about 2 months researching what items I would need to start a simple personalized gift business. I had looked into franchises like the t-shirt and mug photo kiosks you see at the mall. However, most required anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 startup. This was way beyond my budget and realistically I would not have this type of investment any time soon. I knew two important items were a heat press and a mug press. And for the money, the PRO-8800X does a great job. We have had this since July 2012 and have done nearly 100 sublimation mugs, ornaments, and coasters. We have also done about 50 t-shirts. As far as the heat press goes, very few issues once we learned how it worked. It really is pretty simple.The mug press, plate, and cap frames connect quite easily to the heat press. And it is fairly simple to switch between the items. The mug press itself involves a little work when it comes to switching the wraps. It comes with four – one for small mugs, larger mugs, latte cups, and larger latte cups. We have been able to do 11 and 15 oz mugs, water bottles, and travel cups fairly easily. The most difficult part is that you have to undo the eight screws on the mug press frame to switch out your different sized mug wraps. About a 5 – 10 minute process. Not complicated, just annoying if you are impatient. We can do drinkware in about 5 – 6 minutes per item. Down the road if business increases, we can see having to purchase either another 8 in 1 multifunction press or a separate mug press. If we go with another heat press, we would have no problem buying another one of these. But for now, this machine on its own more than gets the job done.The press area on the actual heat press is only 12″ x 12″. But it has been more than adequate for our needs. We don’t do many large format items. If we do, we simply break the design into several pieces. However, for most of the heat transfers you would use in the beginning, this is a large enough work area to accomodate them. Besides, once you get to commercial production in the thousands or larger formats, you would need to start looking at a more industrial model than this anyway. But for the mom and pop shop, one or two man shop, or small business entrepreneur this is a great investment. With a little marketing and hustle, you could easily recoup your investment in 3 – 4 months. Sooner if you already have the customers. This press is a great way to get your feet wet in the industry without breaking the bank and still be able to output professional, quality items.I love the digital readout which allows us to set and monitor the temperature and time. It heats up quickly and maintains a fairly constant temperature while in use. Once we press the button for the timer, we can walk away from the items that take over 2 minutes. The buzzer is loud enough so that we can come running when done. It is also easy to adjust the force or pressure. With the twist of a knob I can go from a light to a very heavy press. Which is important as items will vary in the force required to get good results.Really, I don’t have anything bad to say about the machine. For the price I was expecting some cheap looking toy. I was worried as a newbie this would be a purchase I would regret. But this thing is solid, functions as it should, and looks as good as some of the more expensive presses on the market. It arrived quickly from Mix Wholesale. My only issue was that there were two screws stripped in the mug press frame. It did not stop functionality, but it made it difficult to switch between the mug wraps. I contacted Mix Wholesale and they responded quickly. I had the replacement mug frame within a week of contacting them. So I don’t think anyone should have too many concerns about buying this item from them.Just in case this is helpful for someone starting out this is our setup.We use the Epson WorkForce 30 inkjet printer, Gercutter Gerprint inks, and Conde mug paper for most of our sublimation items – mugs, ornaments, luggage tags, keychains, coasters etc. We have also used the Mugs n More paper with our Brother HL-3070 laser printer with good results.For t-shirts we use JetPro SoftStretch inkjet for lights and BlueGrid or 3G Jet Opaque for darks. For t-shirts we settled on the Gildan 50/50 or 100% cotton shirts. They quality is good, price reasonable ($2 – $3 bucks per shirt)and we have had few problems with the transfers adhering to the shirts. We just purchased a Silhouette Cameo for contour cutting the heat transfer paper. Before that we used a friends until they told us to get our own. We were unsuccessful in getting ImageClip self-weed paper to work. But I cannot say if that is the fault of the heat press, the ink, or the shirts we use. There are so many variables when working with heat transfer paper. Research on various industry forums have shown others with…

  2. Great press for the money Got this press to add to my shop for doing some heat press projects. I am still playing with the different functions but so far have been extremely pleased with the operation. Function change overs could possibly be simplified but the time factor for me is not that important. Great press for the money invested, about half the price of other presses I was considering. I would definitely recommend this press to anyone considering starting up a small heat press operation. Delivery was as promised and the quality surpasses my expectations.

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