Renegade 3D Printing Pen Receives Over $30000 in Pledges on Kickstarter



3D printing has already vastly changed the way we create. It has helped create affordable prosthetics, construct homes, advance missions in space, and much more. Now, a Kickstarter campaign is aiming to cater to that innovative creation, all while improving the sustainability of our environment.

The Kickstarter campaign for Renegade, a 3D pen, seeks to save the environment by powering the pen with recycled plastic. Whatever your imagination thinks of can be translated through the pen using recycled plastic bags, file folders and plastic bottles.

According to the campaign site, “Renegade uses a robust and powerful extruder that includes a screw-feeder mechanism and heating system. These combine to transport, destruct, and melt the plastic tape produced by the ChupaCut plastic bottle shredder or even standard filaments. The rotating screw forces the heated plastic to move forward evenly and extrudes it from the nozzle. The molten plastic then cools down rapidly into a solid and stable spatial structure.”

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So far, the campaign has raised over $37,000 in pledges, surpassing their goal of $32,860. The campaign, which has over 300 backers, ends Aug. 29 and has an estimated delivery date of February 2017. It is listed as a Kickstarter “Project We Love.”

Their mission to “reclaim, save and create” is evidenced by their commitment to protecting the environment. According to their page, “Approximately a trillion plastic bags and bottles are used worldwide annually, and currently we can only recover around 5%. It can take up to 1,000 years for plastic to degrade, whilst every year a million sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals die from the plastic in our oceans.”

They go on to explain that by using recycled materials in the pen, you are preventing approximately “200 acres of plastic bag and bottle waste,” thus helping to create not only beautiful works of art, but also a positive impact on our environment.

The project also includes a 3D stencil converter, which can transform your 2D images into amazing 3D sculptures. A ChupaCut is also a part of the Renegade campaign. It cuts a plastic bottle into various sized strips to use with the pen. The campaign also points out that the ChupaCut may be used for DIY projects and other artwork.

Additional aspects of the project include colorful, ready-to-use 3D bottle strips and a stand that houses all 3D supplies. A pledge of about $105, the basic Renegade set, includes the pen, a ChupaCut bottle shredder and 3D stencil converter.

According to Digital Trends, creator Daniel Edwards hopes to “build on the idea of eco-friendly 3D printing” once fundraising has ended. In the article, he said a future goal is to create a full-sized 3D printer that operates on recycled plastic. Not only would this allow for greater accessibility, but also the ability “to tackle the problem of pollution in a fun and inventive way — creating an incentive for the collection of plastic bottles, bags, and more from local communities throughout the world.”

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