[REPRAPGURU] GT2 Belt and 20T Pulley Set for Prusa i3 and other 3D Printers

Specifications :

GT2 timing belts and compatible pulleys (GT2 pulley) are popular choices for RepRap and many other 3D printers. The GT2 series of belts are designed specifically for linear motion. Improve your print quality with high quality belts/sprockets designed for precise linear motion.

6mm Wide Belts, 5mm Bore, 16 Tooth Pulleys

Package Includes :

2 x 1m GT2 Belts – Plenty of belt for most projects

2 x GT2 20 tooth, 5mm bore pulleys

4 x Set Screws

Product Features

  • 6mm Wide Belts, 5mm Bore, 16 Tooth Pulleys

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