Scribble Affordable 3D Printing Pen Available From $49 (video)

Scribble Affordable 3D Printing Pen

Scribble 3D has created a new 3D printing pen which it has aptly named the Scribble, to provide an affordable way to start creating objects and ideas using a high-resolution 3D printing pen.

The Scribble 3D pen has this week launched by the Kickstarter crowdfunding website with the aim of raising $5,000 to go into production, check out the promotional video below to learn more about its features and functionality.

The Scribble is now available to back with pledges starting from as little as $49 for super early bird backers. Its developers explain more about the inspiration, design and construction of their affordable 3D printing pen.

Basically, Scribble is a easy to doodle 3D Printing Pen that allows you to sketch in the air without using paper. Want to create what you imagine? How about writing and drawing without paper? Writing and drawing in the air is now possible with a Scribble 3D printing pen! This extraordinary easy tool enables you to create anything through the power of your own imagination.

Scribble 3D printing pen has the similar function as 3D printers. The product features: LED display screen that fits perfectly in your hand, giving you extreme comfort and accurate precision while you draw your favorite things. However, this is not all. The essence of its outstanding characteristics comes from its level of smartness. While giving you an imaginative, yet realistic opportunity to reinvent your childhood pleasures, Scribble 3D printing pen is for you if you love to experiment different things. Just hold this amazing pen once and start doodling!

For more information on the new Scribble jump over to the Indiegogo website for details and to make a pledge via the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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