Serif DrawPlus X5 [Download]

DrawPlus X5 is the powerful and versatile graphics studio that’s perfect for digital art, illustration, and painting. With easy-to-use tools, it provides everything you need to express your creativity. Draw vector art, sketch ideas, design logos & graphics, paint naturally, turn photos into artwork, create animations, plus much more. DrawPlus X5’s new graphics engine enables you to create high-quality artwork faster than ever before. Open, edit and share files in industry-standard formats, tailor your projects for print or the web, and produce amazing digital designs and artwork, at any size, whatever your level of experience.

Serif DrawPlus X5

Digital Art and Design Made Easy

DrawPlus X5 is the powerful and versatile graphics studio that’s perfect for digital art, illustration, and painting. With easy-to-use tools, it provides everything you need to express your creativity. Draw vector art, sketch ideas, design logos & graphics, paint naturally, turn photos into artwork, create Flash animations, plus much more.

DrawPlus X5

The all-in-one creative studio
  • Pure vector illustration and artistic drawing
  • Editable vector painting with photo-realistic paint styles
  • Flash animation for web banners, videos, and fun puzzles
  • Versatile document types for art, web graphics and print projects
  • Support for pressure-sensitive pen tablets and a built-in calibrator
  • Amazing effects for graphics and photos
  • Photo editing, image cut out and convert photos to vector images
  • Auto connectors and measurements for charts, diagrams and plans
  • Professional color management and industry-standard compatibility
  • Full and flexible PDF import, editing and export

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Get started quickly

Get started quickly

Whether you’re an experienced designer or drawing novice, DrawPlus makes it easy to create outstanding designs in less time. There are lots of pre-set document types including posters, greetings cards and banners, to kick start your designs. Alternatively, you can create custom projects from scratch.

DrawPlus X5’s interface is intuitive. Personalised workspace profiles and sliding tabs can be arranged to suit the way you work and customisable keyboard shortcuts make it quick to select your favourite tools. And if you need help, the ‘How To’ guides provide instant on-screen assistance, plus there’s a wealth of video and online tutorials available.

Powerful tools

Powerful tools for drawing & painting

Use a graphics tablet or your mouse to sketch and trace designs then edit lines and apply smoothing to avoid shaky lines. If you like digital painting, there are lots of natural-looking media brushes like pencil, charcoal and pastels, as well as photo-quality paint splats, glitter, stitching, grass, fire, clouds and more. The pressure settings on your graphics tablet can be calibrated in the built-in Pressure Studio to enhance your natural drawing style.

Instantly draw common shapes then change their colour, transparency, and edges or morph any shape to create amazing custom designs. Choose whether lines appear inside, outside, or behind a nominated object, making it much easier to add detail in and around any element of your design.

Design web graphics

Design web graphics and animations

Create graphics that are optimised for the web as well as professional-quality buttons and banners with hover and click states. Assign links to different regions of an image–great for large web banners–then preview your graphic in a web browser.

With DrawPlus, you can make animations, cartoons, screensavers and more using keyframe or stopframe techniques. Create animations in record time with easy-to-use keyframes that automatically generate frames between key points in your animations. When you’re done, export your animation for the web as Flash, or share as a QuickTime MOV, WMV or AVI video.

Communicate your ideas

Communicate your ideas

Design charts, diagrams, plans and more with handy connection lines that automatically attach to objects and dimension lines that show the distance between two objects. Create an isometric drawing from scratch or make designs 3D instantly. Lighting & surface effects can be applied to any object, including text, to create eye catching posters.

Create professional logos and text designs easily. DrawPlus now supports OpenType fonts and super/subscript text attributes plus you can convert text to curves to individually edit each character. Easily add text along a path–simply draw a line or create a shape and allow the text to flow along the path of the outline.

Transform any photo

Transform any photo

Use dedicated tools designed to help you transform your photos–no need to switch to a standalone photo editor. DrawPlus X5 supports common file formats like JPEG, PNG and GIF as well as Adobe Photoshop files and MicrosoftHD Photo files.

The built-in PhotoLab can improve portraits with tools for red eye removal and spot repair and non-destructive adjustments, like curves and sharpen, to make your images look better than ever. The Cutout Studio makes it easy to extract people and objects from photos, ready for placing them on different backgrounds. Turn pictures into instant art using effects that recreate popular styles such as watercolour, expressionism and comic book.

The AutoTrace Studio is great for turning photos into high-quality vectors–it’s also great if you need to convert logos digitally from paper.

Create professional designs

Create professional designs

The powerful tools and features in DrawPlus X5 give you the flexibility and precision to create professional-quality graphics quickly. Produce press-ready output with new end-to-end CMYK support and, for designers that want full control and to reduce printing costs, DrawPlus has the ability to show or hide each of the C, M, Y or K plates for colour separation.

Advanced colour management, including support for Pantone colour profiles, helps to ensure the colours you use will always look the way you intend them to, even if you are designing for different media. Build up your drawings with layers to make composing your designs easier and experiment with blend modes, which control how colours interact together, to create stunning artwork.

Create stunning visual effects with full control of group transparency and blending using composite transparency and knockout groups. Apply non-destructive graphic styles, such as edges, patterns and shadows, to objects and easily sample a specific colour or gradient with the versatile colour picker tool.

Share and collaborate

Share and collaborate

DrawPlus X5 makes it quick and easy to share your designs with other artists. The Export Optimiser allows you to tweak settings like quality, size, file type and transparency prior to export while super sampling can be selected for superior results. You can export 18 different file types, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF & SVG and PDF, so your artwork can be in the most suitable format for professional printing, uploading, and emailing.

Or why not share your designs online with the community. It’s a dedicated site where artists can show off their drawings, ask for help, and share advice with other DrawPlus users. It only takes one click to upload your images to–just use the ‘Share’ button in the program!


For drawing, painting, web graphics, Flash animations and other digital artwork, DrawPlus X5 is the perfect software package. Its power and flexibility mean you don’t need to invest in multiple programs. Plus it’s easy to use too–even if you’ve never done any digital artwork in the past.

With Serif’s new Accelerated Graphics Technology, you can create high-quality artwork faster than ever before. Tailor your projects for print or the web and open, edit and share files in industry-standard formats. Produce amazing digital designs and artwork, at any size, regardless of your level of experience.

Large pen tool

Draw and edit curves with the pen tool. View larger.

Mixed media artwork

Create stunning mixed media artwork. View larger.

CMYK documents

End to end CMYK documents.
View larger.

Product Features

  • Perfect for vector illustration, artistic drawing, realistic painting, and converting photos to vector images
  • Create Flash animation for web banners, videos, and fun puzzles
  • Versatile document types for art, marketing materials, web graphics and print projects
  • Automatic connectors and measurements for charts, trees, diagrams and plans
  • Support for pressure sensitive tablets including a built-in calibrator

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2 thoughts on “Serif DrawPlus X5 [Download]”

  1. Good program except… It crashes all the time working in Windows 7 (64 bit). There doesn’t seem to be any consistent thing that one does to create an issue but according to Windows it’s faulting on a Serif dll file. I’d love to be able to give this a 5 star rating but it loses 2 stars (almost 3) for the fact it crashes so much. When it is running, it’s a good program, for simple designs, in its price range.I design websites and it’s great for some simple graphics creation (much, much easier to learn than Illustrator) which is why I leave the 3 stars as is. However, when the software crashes several times in less than 15 minutes on a fresh boot, it cuts into your time and your creative process.Like I said, it’s simple to learn but I am left frustrated and seriously annoyed when I can’t complete a design without it crashing and hope that I have saved the last revision.Not sure I could confidently recommend this product to anyone without stressing the fact that it’s not stable and tripping on it’s own dynamic library link file.(Product downloaded and installed Feb. 25, 2012 – latest updates installed)UPDATE 12-08-12: Recently I had to wipe my hard drive and reinstall everything (virus – first time in nearly 18 years on the internet despite anti-virus software). Fresh installs on everything including placing data on a different partition. I still have problems with the program tripping on its own DLL file BUT they aren’t as frequent nor are they as many/or repetitive from the initial program crash. I have learned to save and save frequently to avoid the frustration.Aside from the occasional crash, you can create some decent vector graphics for a low price. It’s not meant to be a photo program like Photoshop or a photo/vector program like Paint Shop Pro (although it does have some photo editing capabilities) but given the price, it is a decent alternative to Illustrator if you just can’t find yourself putting out that much cash. It’s not as powerful as Illustrator by any means and output as SVG is a bit iffy. It’s not a bad program at all but my experience has been a bit more frustrating than I would like it to be. I still use it and I use it a lot so I guess it earns another 1/2 star. I’d give it a full star if (with all program updates) it would not crash at all. It would earn a full 5 star review if it were a bit more flexible, better vector output and a few more options.I don’t know if I would fault DrawPlus or if I would fault PagePlus (which is a pretty good PDF creator and editor) but output of DrawPlus (dpp) files to PagePlus is impossible at this time. This is a minor drawback I hope that Serif addresses so it can import those files directly.

  2. Wow! Now get drawing! There are seemingly a myriad of illustration programs and some do things better than others. Most digital illustrators work with several because no single application seems to do it all so well. But, I have to say, Serif DrawPlus X5 comes pretty close.If I could make the perfect vector program it would be Autodesk Sketchbook, but Sketchbook is a bitmap program. What I like about Sketchbook is the intuitive, simple (but beautiful) interface. If I could write a program with all the features I could ever want I would make something like Adobe Illustrator. Adobe products are, for the most part, the heaviest on features but just so difficult to learn. Seems like I’m always jumping through hoops to get anything done in Adobe. Too many options. That marriage between the two programs, Sketchbook and Illustrator, might just be right here.DrawPlus has similar buttons to Illustrator but unlike Illustrator, they tell you what the buttons do when you hover over them. This is incredibly helpful for the new user trying to remember what is what or trying to discover what other functions they might want to explore. Exploring in Illustrator is a hair raising experience. As in, ‘I sure hope Ctl+Z can undo this and my program doesn’t freeze trying to execute it’. On top of the descriptive hovering, the tools just make sense and seemed grouped together in a very logical fashion. For example, you don’t have to go digging around to make simple shapes you use a lot, just click on the shape tool and the choices are there. I like that a lot.Editing is a snap. DrawPlus gives you a shape or line with the simple understanding that it is made of points (nodes) and that you might want to move these nodes about a little. Simply click on the ‘node’ tool, select your point you want to manipulate and there you have it. Even better, the ‘simple’ shapes (circle, square, etc.) have built in node sliders that quickly let you make common adjustments to common shapes, which is just a brilliant feature. E.g. Do you want a square with sharp corners or rounded ones? How rounded? Well, just make a square and slide the lever to your roundness liking and there it is.There are more features (animation, filter effects, etc.), or should I say enough to make most if not all of your graphic needs with very little effort in very little time. I was up and running creating graphic creations within 20 minutes. THAT’S what a vector drawing program SHOULD be like.And here’s the better part- they let you try it out (DrawPlus Starter) for free. Some of the more exciting features are disabled but there’s certainly enough to get a great feel for it AND, best of all, no time limit! I tried it, LOVED it, and bought the full version. I have nothing but love for this vector drawing program.

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