The Shred-Ender Story – About a year ago, another roll of toilet paper was shredded and unrolled by the newest member of our family, Simba.  This unusual boy cat that we rescued from our local Humane Society was constantly getting into some sort of trouble.  Simba’s favorite bit of mischief seemed to be destroying rolls of toilet paper.  We looked at each other and immediately thought maybe we could use our recently acquired 3D Printer to make something to protect the toilet paper.  After much thought, designing and prototyping we finally had something that worked and was also attractive.   After several months of using the Shred-Ender a friend suggested that we should make if available to other pet owners.  Rather than send our design to be made overseas, we decided to make them ourselves here in the United States.  The Shred-Ender is made by one of two 3D Printers in our 3D Printing Workshop.  It is made with American Made ABS plastic in hundreds of individual layers.  Each piece is individually unique and finished by hand.  It takes almost 22 hours of 3D Printing time to make a Shred-Ender. 3D Printed using @3DXTECH ABS plastic filament on a Flashforge Pro 3D Printer. I love Flashforge Printers – you can buy one

Product Features

  • The Shred-Ender is an easy way to keep toilet paper safe from our inquisitive and playful pets.
  • Great looking toilet paper cover. (This will only fit normal sized toliet paper rolls)
  • Provides optimal bathroom tissue protection.
  • Keeps your pets out of trouble.
  • No more mess to clean up.

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  1. Purrfect Deterrent for Toilet Paper Obsessed Kitties The quality of this product is very high. I think it’s cool that it is 3D Printed, so I’m partially wowed by that. I was looking for an insert that didn’t require installation in the wall/cabinet and that wasn’t cloth. This is the only thing I could find on Amazon that met those criteria. The packaging was great – I got a personally signed note thanking me for the purchase, which was a nice touch. The product was easy to install and it’s easy to replace the rolls. So far, kitty has stayed…

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