Sindoh’s DP200 3DWox 3D Printer

◆ Why Sindoh?
1. Specialist – Founded in 1960, Sindoh has been solely specializing in designing PRINTERS for 56 years.
2. Special Design – Tangerine, a renowned British design company, specially designed the exterior of 3Dwox for us.
3. Success – Sindoh has been ranked No. 1 in the Korean A3 2D printer market since its foundation in 1960.

◆ Why 3Dwox?
Because it is a 100% USER-ORIENTED product.
1. Auto-loading Cartridge – For user convenience, 3Dwox automatically loads the filament to the nozzle.
2. Assisted Bed Leveling – For user convenience, 3Dwox assists the user in bed leveling by automatically measuring the bed.
3. Web Monitoring Camera – For user convenience, 3Dwox is equipped with a camera and LED lights, which ensures that the user can watch the 3D printing process.

◆ Product Specifications
1. Print Technology – FFF based (Fused Filament Fabrication)
2. Print Head – Single Nozzle
3. Material – PLA, ABS
4. Maximum Build Size – 210 x 200 x 195mm (8.3″ x 7.9″ x 7.7″)
5. Product Size – 421 x 433 x 439mm (16.6″ x 16.9″ x 17.3″)
6. Nozzle Diameter – 0.4mm
7. Connectivity – USB Flash Drive, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB Cable
8. User Interface – 5″ Color Touch Screen
9. Cartridge – Automatically loads filament to nozzle
10. Leveling – Auto Leveling Measurement
11. Monitoring Camera – Internal (Can be viewed from mobile devices)
12. Notification – E-mail Notification Feature

◆ Warranty1) Product – Up to 1 year from the product purchase date
2) Parts (Nozzle, Bed) – 180 days from the product purchase date
For details, please visit our official 3Dwox website. (Please google “3Dwox” to find our website)

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Product Features

  • Offers automatic loading and unloading of filament. Insert a cartridge and printer will do the rest.
  • Offers users the assisted leveling system, 3Dwox calculates and assists user in bed leveling.
  • Includes a wide range of connectivity options (USB Flash Drive, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB Cable).
  • Internal monitoring camera for remote viewing via PC, Laptop and even Smart Phones.
  • 5-inch LCD screen equipped with full color touch screen menu and user friendly instructions.

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  1. THE ABSOLUTE BEST 3-D PRINTER ON THE MARKET TODAY! As someone who knows 3-D printers, in my opinion is the best 3-D printer on the market at this price point. In fact, I have seen 3-D printers with less features and functionality for substantially more money.Before getting into the printer however, I want to say that the product arrived quicker than I had expected and the packaging was thoughtfully designed with special plastic clips that allow you to easily remove the printer from the box.Everything about this printer…

  2. The intuitive menu system on the touch screen display made it super easy to load the filament cartridge Finally a 3D printer designed with the consumer in mind. Initial setup is a breeze. The intuitive menu system on the touch screen display made it super easy to load the filament cartridge. Unloading to change material is just as simple, press the unload button and the printer does everything automatically extracting the filament from the extruder back into the cartridge. I was even able to pause a print and change color half way through. Very cool. The setup menu has a bed leveling…

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