Stearns Puddle Jumper Deluxe Life Jacket, Crab, 30 to 50 Pound

Kids like the fun design of the Stearns Puddle Jumper life jacket, and you’ll appreciate the security and confidence of high-quality construction and safety. The Puddle Jumper fits children weighing 30-50 pounds. It’s made of woven polyester, so it’s softer and less chafing than nylon life jackets. The Puddle Jumper fits comfortably over the child’s chest, with arm pieces that offer excellent stability and free range of motion in the water. The Puddle Jumper is Coast Guard approved as a Type III personal flotation device (PFD).Keep your youngster safe and mobile in the water with the Puddle Jumper Deluxe Life Jacket from Stearns. The Puddle Jumper’s patent-pending design doubles as a swim aid and as a Coast Guard Approved Type III personal flotation device. Intended for small children weighing between 30 and 50 pounds, the Puddle Jumper keeps children’s arms and chest afloat, allowing them to kick and paddle forwards on their stomach in a natural swimming motion–without face planting in the water. This design both keeps kids safer in the water and helps them develop their swimming skills with confidence. Built for comfort with kid sensibility in mind, the Puddle Jumper is made of soft, durable woven polyester that won’t chafe, and comes in fun designs that little kids will want to wear. Easy to take on and off over swim clothes, the Puddle Jumper attaches securely in the back with an adjustable webbing strap.

About Type III Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs):
The US Coast Guard recommends Type III PFDS for use in calm, inland waters, or where there is a good chance for fast rescue. Type III PFDs are considered flotation aids, not life preservers and children should not be left unattended at any time while wearing a Type III PFD.

Product Features

  • Life jacket/swim aid for toddlers–designed for mobility
  • Patent pending design keeps kids’ faces up and out of the water
  • Softer woven polyester fabric cover to reduce chafing
  • Coast Guard Approved, Type III Performance
  • Designed for children from 30 to 50 pounds

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3 thoughts on “Stearns Puddle Jumper Deluxe Life Jacket, Crab, 30 to 50 Pound”

  1. My baby can swim! … Also, Sizing details (Min. chest 19.5″, est. max chest 23.5″) Update May 29, 2012:My son is almost 2y5m old now (I didn’t update the video…), and we are into the 2012 swimming season with the Puddle Jumper. He still wears it with his wetsuit on, but now his chest measures a bit over 20″ with the wetsuit (he’s 33lbs and almost 40″ tall, pretty much the size of 3 or 3.5 yr old), and the Puddle Jumper still fits on its cinched-up-tightest setting. I can that once he grows from now on, we’ll have to start letting it out. As a note, in the 2011 summer swimming season (four months), I left the Puddle Jumper out drying in the desert sun every day for hours (I always meant to move it later….) but it’s still going strong, so it’s quite durable. It still doesn’t float up under my son’s chin in any way, but I make sure it’s cinched on him tightly. I’d say it’s starting to stick on his arms a bit when I go to pull it on, similar to what other reviewers report, but nothing that really impacts getting the Jumper on him. And there’s still quite a bit of growth space in the arms, so that doesn’t seem to be the issue. It’s possible that as his arms get bigger it will become more of a problem. My son is very tall and lanky however, so it likely won’t be an issue this season. I’ll update as time goes on.************************************Original review:[Edit 6/29/2011: Adding the video for those who would like to see the Puddle Jumper in use on a young toddler who had no previous swimming experience. At the point this video is taken (6/24/2011), he is 17.5 months old, 27lbs, and had a total of 1 week and 5 days of Puddle Jumper experience, with no swimming experience before that at all. So it’s not a review, per se, just a quick example of how a young toddler at the low end of the weight range experiences the product. He is treading and learning how to do a basic dog paddle. Note that the Jumper doesn’t ride up under his chin the way other reviewers report.]My 17m (27lbs, 35″ tall) son didn’t have any pool experience at all really before these last three weeks. But summer season is starting, so I bought him the Deluxe Puddle Jumper , namely because it becomes quite a constant strain to always be providing all of the buoyancy and support for a bouncy, active toddler in the water. We bought the Blue Turtle, it’s very cute and very similar to the product photo.Before I give my review (we are very pleased), I thought I’d give some additional sizing info for those who are interested.Sizing on the Light end of 30-50lbs recommended weight range: My son is exactly 27lbs (35″ tall) at the moment (I just weighed him), and he can wear the Puddle Jumper over his wetsuit with the Puddle Jumper belt cinched up as tight as it will go. I wish I could cinch it up a little bit tighter on him actually, there’s still about a 0.5″ of give, but that seems fair as the starting weight range is stated as 30lbs. The belt, fastened at the back, goes around his lower torso + suit, mid-chest. He measures about 19.5″ at that point, over the wetsuit, 4-5″ down from his armpit, where the Jumper goes across. I’d say if the child were much smaller than, say, 25lbs, that the Puddle Jumper would probably be just too loose.Sizing on the upper end of the product usage, ie. With the belt let out all the way: OK, I got out the measuring tape, and have written all of this in a Product Discussion forum post, for those who are interested. The short version is: It seems to let out to a final chest measurement of 23.5″ fairly snug, so I would think that’s the max chest measurement you should consider if you are just buying this product. According to wetsuit guidelines that I recently have been researching, this is likely to be around the low 40-something lb mark for a child. Anyways, in the Discussion forum post I explain my method.Background and “Testimonial”: I wanted a flotation aid that would provide some more buoyancy for my 17m old non-swimmer son in the pool so that I wasn’t his only source of flotation: It wears on you after a bit. Obviously, I would still be constantly holding him. I have to say, I am so impressed, the Puddle Jumper has ended up being so much more than a simple flotation aid. I find it easy to use on him because I can put one hand under the front foam section at his chest, and hold the strap on the back with my other hand to kinda “fly”/swirl him around in the water around me. I should note that my son wears a wetsuit so that he does get some additional buoyancy there.After three times in the pool with it on (so, a full 60 mins. playing) he started learning how to tread water for several seconds on his own (we’re right there beside him). After a cumulative total of 120 mins. of playing in the water with it on, now he can tread water for about five-10 seconds on his own, and then control how he shifts his center of gravity more horizontal and flips onto his front…

  2. Life saver Last year, we almost lost a grandchild. She had been wearing the popular water wings. The parent was distracted just for a minute. That is all it takes; a second, a minute. She pulled off the wings and jumped right in. We were lucky – there were people trained in CPR in the area and she was revived. This year, we are smart. We bought these wonderful puddle jumpers. Not only is it coast guard approved as a life jacket, but it is not removable by the child wearing it.

  3. Reviewed Five Life Jackets – This Was the Winner We purchased five different life jackets for the 20 month old twins. The traditional styled ones rode up at the shoulders. The Swimways Power Swimr System was difficult to get on and did nothing to keep the babies’ heads above water. Nor did the Speedo UV 50.We put the Stearns Kids Puddle Jumper on the first baby and she jumped into the pool for the first time in her life and paddled happily around for hours (see photo). The second twin took a little longer learning how to stay upright and she didn’t want to take it off.I dinged it a star, though, because it’s so tight in the arms that it is hard to get on and off. It’s easier if you get both the jacket and their arms wet first. However, neither twin complained once they got it on and there were no marks on their arms afterwards.——————–5/12 Update. The twins are now three and can still wear their jackets although they take them off for swimming lessons. Their younger brother is a bit stouter and we have to grease up his chunky arms to get his on him. Another grandbaby on the way so I guess I need to buy a fourth one. The three jackets we have are also used by visiting kids so I realize that they are very tight on really stout kids and really loose on thin kids but, nonetheless, work well on most.11/12 Update. The end of our third season and the three jackets are good as new. No wearing of the material and little fading despite having been left in the hot Georgia sun much of the time.3/13 Update. The kids can all swim now but they still ask to have their water wings put on at time because they can just effortlessly float around. And, yes, they have already been swimming this year despite the 65 degree temperature of the pool right now.

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