Stratasys, FFHK boost footwear designers with 3D printing

Stratasys Asia Pacific worked with Hong Kong Federation of Footwear(FFHK) to provide 3D printing technology for the 16th Footwear Design Competition Hong Kong 2016.

Organized by the FFHK and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the annual Footwear Design Competition aims to enhance and promote the creativity of local designs among the international footwear market.

As awareness of 3D printing’s vast capabilities increases across the fashion and footwear industry, the 2016 FFHK Panel chose to harness the world’s first multi-material full-color 3D printer – Stratasys J750 – to bring select footwear designs to life in models created with the full palate provided by the J750 of more than 360,000 colors and mix of materials. 

“These shoe models are excellent samples of the capabilities of 3D printing. In the past, some of the designs could hardly be produced due to the inorganic and complex shapes,” said Steven Au, VP of FFHK.

“Now, participants can be as imaginative as they want to with 3D printing,” said Au. “We look forward to cultivating the local footwear design culture and to nurturing young designers through our future collaboration opportunities with Stratasys as they lead 3D printing technology development.”

Fred Fischer, director of applications and products at Stratasys AP said the designs are great examples of how 3D printing empowers designers and manufacturers to think out of the box for new design, prototyping or even production options.

“The possibility with 3D printing is truly limitless and we look forward to seeing and realizing more new ideas from the local market to revolutionize the way things are made,” said Fischer.