SUNLU Upgrade 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen for 3D Arts & Crafts Drawing and Doodling with 2 Bag Free Filament Material White

Note: To avoid clogging the filament feeder inside, please cut the ending tip portion of the filament where you stop, because the melted part need to be cut off so that you can smoothly insert it easily without any problem when you use it again.

High lights:

Create your Imagination

With the upgrade SUNLU Intelligent 3D Pen, you can bring your creative thoughts into a real object; it can also enhance and develop the art and calculation skills of your kids.

Enhanced 3D Pen Quality

This upgrade 3D Pen is developed based on customers and public demand.

Longer lasting hot resistant

It can be used on longer operation without any malfunction so you can continuously having fun on your work.

Newly redesigned 3D Pen

SUNLU 3D Pen is more slimmer with best handle curve style for easy holding; Super lightweight only 55 grams; Let your hands move freely and comfortable for smooth operation.

Easy to troubleshoot Sometimes when you replace different filament colors, some residue remain inside and it may clog the hole into the nozzle, simply press the two buckle located on the nozzle part and pull it out then remove all the clogs inside.

Brand: SUNLU
Model: SL-300
Weight: 55g
Product size:180(L)x24(W)x 24 (H) mm
Power cord length: about 1.5m
Input voltage: 100-240V 50 / 60Hz
Output voltage: 12V 2A
Filament Material Length: 5m
Extrusion: hot melt extrusion molding accumulation
Forming: three-dimensional
Print Range: indefinite
Spinning speed: Adjustable
Adjustable Heating temperature: ABS: 180- 210 degrees PLA: 160- 180 degrees

Package contains:
1x 3D printing pen
1x US power adapter
1x Operation instruction booklet
2 loop x PLA filament material (colors sent randomly)

Product Features

  • Quite easy to use and control even you are not professionals; Prolonged use doesn’t cause FLAC fatigue;
  • The 3D printing pen replaces ink with plastic which melted at a high temperature to create a 3D object instead of just an idea on paper; It can be used to draw in the air or on surface as well as tracing objects on paper.
  • The 3D stereoscopic printing pen bring your art to life with easy intelligent control functions, such as its lightweight in design and easier speed control.
  • Creating true masterpieces with this really effective 3D pen that will perfect for the artists, hobby enthusiasm and the creative individuals.
  • Electric heating nozzle integrated and compact design convenient for maintenance and replacement.

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  1. Light and good quality A fantastic 3d pen. Upgrade of the 3rd generation intelligent pens.8 speed settings. Continuous feed or hold the button for starting and pausing. Adjustable heating levels not just 1 temp. for ABS or PLA. so you can adjust it according to the color filament you use. They melt at different heats. Great instructions that you may need a magnifying glass to read, but it has trouble shooting and other valuable instructions I haven’t seen elsewhere. Very comfortable to hold. Light. They have…

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