SUNY New Paltz opens 3D Printing Superlab, houses Stratasys 3D printers & 40 Makerbot 3D …

Jun 25, 2016

A new additive manufacturing superlab at The State University of New York at New Paltz will make a variety of 3D printers available both to students and the Hudson Valley business community. Part of the institution’s Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center (HVAMC), the facility is one of the country’s most advanced 3D printing superlabs (defined as employing high-end 3D printers of both PolyJet and FDM technologies).

The lab, which opened on June 22, features a suite of advanced Stratasys 3D printers, including an industrial-grade Objet260 Connex multi-material 3D Printer, a Fortus 400mc Production 3D Printer, two Dimension units, and over 40 MakerBot 3D Printers. The lab will be open to the entire campus from engineering and art students, to English and philosophy students, as well as educators. The lab will also serve as a central 3D printing service center for the surrounding communities and business, helping to grow the Hudson Valley economy.

The additive manufacturing superlab has received Stratasys designation as a “SMART lab” (Stratasys MakerBot Additive Research & Teaching). According to Dan Freedman, dean of the School of Science and Engineering and director of HVAMC, “Our designation as a SMART lab is huge step for the HVAMC. The combination of our unique focus at the interface of art, engineering and science, and the recognition and support by the world’s leading manufacturer of 3D printers, will move us to an unparalleled interdisciplinary educational experience, help us support regional businesses, and give our faculty the tools and expertise to do cutting-edge scholarship in art, engineering and design.”

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