3D Printing for Artists, Designers and Makers

Fully revised and with a new chapter and international case studies, this second edition of the best-selling book traces how artists and designers continue to adapt and incorporate 3D printing technology into their work and explains how the creative industries are directly interfacing with this new technology.

Covering a broad range of applied art practice – from fine art and furniture-design to film-making – Stephen Hoskins introduces some of his groundbreaking research from the Centre for Fine Print Research along with an updated history of 3D print technology, a new chapter on fashion and animation, and new case studies featuring artists working with metal, plastic, ceramic and other materials.

A fascinating investigation into how the applied arts continue to adapt to new technologies and a forecast of what developments we might expect in the future, this book is essential reading for students, researchers studying contemporary art and design and professionals involved in the creative industries.

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3D Printing for Artists, Designers and Makers: Technology Crossing Art and Industry

Rapidly gaining popular attention, 3D printing is viewed as the next life changing technology. This book explains how the creative industries are directly interfacing with this new technology and how it is changing the practices of many artists and designers across the globe. A selection of case studies of leading practitioners in their respective disciplines reveals this fascinating process in action.

The book also introduces the groundbreaking research by Stephen Hoskins and his 3D team at the Centre for Fine Print Research, world leaders in the development of techniques for 3D printing in ceramics, and includes a history of 3D printing, from its origins in aerospace to its current, diverse applications in bio-medics and Formula One racing, through to furniture design and jewellery.

A fascinating investigation into how the applied arts continue to adapt to new technologies, this book is for academics and 3D print users from both the arts and science backgrounds, as well as artists, designers, those in creative industries and anyone who has an interest in new technological developments.

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Intelligent 3D Pen, Lary intel 3D Printing Pen,Doodling Drawing With The Artistic Creation,Three-Dimensional Model Is Established for Painters Product Designers Hobbyists Children Students Kids (blue)

Enhanced 3D Pen Quality:
” This 3D Pen developed based on customers and public demand. Super lightweight only 55 grams. Let your hands move freely and comfortable for smooth operation.Easy to troubleshoot “
” In terms of troubleshooting, sometimes when you replace different filament colors some residue remain inside and it may clog the hole into the nozzle, simply press the two buckle located on the nozzle part and pull it out then remove all the clogs inside.Important “
” Just for a quick tips. To avoid clogging the filament feeder inside always cut the ending tip portion of the filament where you stop, because the milted part need to be cut off so that you can smoothly insert it easily without any problem in times when you need to use it again.Notice “
” This 3D Pen is suitable for children over 8 years old and adults “
” Basic Parameters: “
” Model: SL-300 “
” Net Weight: 55 Grams “
” Size: 180 (L) x 24 (W) x 24 (H) mm “
” Color: Black+white, Dark gray, Black+Blue, Black+Green “
” Recommended Temperature: ABS: 180-210℃, PLA/WOOD: 160-180℃ “
” Supported material: 1.75mm PLA/WOOD/ABS “
” Input rated power for adapter: 100/250V 2A “
” Output rated power of device: DC 12V 2A, 24W “
” Box Size: 198 x 104 x 64mm G.W.: 0.42 KG “
Package include:
” 1 x 3D Pen “
” 1 x Power adaptor “
” 1 x Pen Holder stand “
” 1x 3m PLA Filament (color sent randomly) “
” 1x 3m ABS Filament (color sent randomly) “
” 1 x User’s manual

Product Features

  • 1. USER FRIENDLY & EASY TO HOLD— * You can easily control extrusion speed, temperature, filament with standby mode in 5 minutes. Only 65g in weight compared others in heavy design. *
  • 2. SIMPLE AND PRACTICAL— Smarter adjustments and settings for accurate melting point, filament speed and stable parts.
  • 3. LOWER TEPERATURE SAFE—Lower Temperature Safe Nozzle Patented ceramic nozzle with lower temperature in tip won’t hurt people. The pen will get into sleep mode itself after 1 minute no use. Safest 3D Pen for you and your family.
  • 4. 3D IMAGINATION— Bring your art ideas to reality; The 3D pen is a great tool to create 3D masterpieces easily, make crafts, school projects, home decor, gifts… ; the only limitation is your imagination! Safety and durable, create your imagination into a real objects
  • 5. PORTABLE FOR EVERYONE & EVERY OCCASION & ANYTIME— * A 3D pen, suitable for both kids and adults, it can help children improve spatial thinking ability; The pen increases the chances of intimate contact between parents and kids, makes the distance with their children much closer and makes the babies’ world much more colorful. * Anytime and anywhere in the artistic creation, the establishment of three-dimensional model, inspiration. *

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Stratasys, FFHK boost footwear designers with 3D printing

Stratasys Asia Pacific worked with Hong Kong Federation of Footwear(FFHK) to provide 3D printing technology for the 16th Footwear Design Competition Hong Kong 2016.

Organized by the FFHK and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the annual Footwear Design Competition aims to enhance and promote the creativity of local designs among the international footwear market.

As awareness of 3D printing’s vast capabilities increases across the fashion and footwear industry, the 2016 FFHK Panel chose to harness the world’s first multi-material full-color 3D printer – Stratasys J750 – to bring select footwear designs to life in models created with the full palate provided by the J750 of more than 360,000 colors and mix of materials. 

“These shoe models are excellent samples of the capabilities of 3D printing. In the past, some of the designs could hardly be produced due to the inorganic and complex shapes,” said Steven Au, VP of FFHK.

“Now, participants can be as imaginative as they want to with 3D printing,” said Au. “We look forward to cultivating the local footwear design culture and to nurturing young designers through our future collaboration opportunities with Stratasys as they lead 3D printing technology development.”

Fred Fischer, director of applications and products at Stratasys AP said the designs are great examples of how 3D printing empowers designers and manufacturers to think out of the box for new design, prototyping or even production options.

“The possibility with 3D printing is truly limitless and we look forward to seeing and realizing more new ideas from the local market to revolutionize the way things are made,” said Fischer.