MBOT DIY Plywood 3D Printer Assembly Kit with Single Head Extruder and 240 x 220 x 200 Build Volume

The design of the 3DPrinter Kit combines advantages of both the previous kits and the Grid series. The number of screws is reduced to 50 from 127. Hence the assembly efficiency is increased, as well as the experience of DIY is more enjoyable

  • Print Accuracy – 0.1mm
  • Print Material – PLA/ABS
  • Layer Thickness – 0.1 – .3mm
  • Material Diameter – 1.75mm
  • Print Technology – FDM – Fused deposition modelling
  • Human-computer interaction – LCD2004 Screen
  • Nozzle Diameter – 0.4mm
  • Type of Power Supply – 150W
  • Input – USB Cable/SD card
  • Net Weight – 8kg
  • Shipping Volume – 610x510x170mm (WxDxH)
  • Gross weight – 9.2kg
  • Build Volume(WxDxH) – 240x220x200mm (WxDxH)
  • Software – Repetier
  • Product Dimensions – 410x400x410mm (WxDxH)
  • Design File – STL
  • Nozzle Temperature <260c
  • Compatible Software – Win7/8/10/vista/Linux/Mac OS X
  • Printing Speed – 90-120mm/s

    Product Specifications

  • Material of Body – Basswood board
  • Build Plate Leveling – Manual leveling
  • Interface Language – English
  • Heated Bed (Available – Optional)
  • Number of Extruders – 1
  • Filament Run Out Detection (Optional)

    Product Features

    • Easy to Assemble, Easy Set up. Start printing your projects almost immediately after setup
    • Multiple Materials Supported – PLA, ABS, HIPS, PETG, ASA etc (Temp. under 260 C)
    • Print Technology – FDM – Fused deposition modelling
    • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10/vista, Linux and Mac OS X
    • Includes all the tools needed to assemble.

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  • Mbot MB3D001 Plywood 3D Printer 200*200*200mm Build Volume Single Head Extruder

    The MBot printer, designed and manufactured by Magicfirm LLC, is one of the most affordable and advanced personal 3D printers on the market today. It boasts features that no others currently match in price range or class. Features include, single or dual extrusion (2-color printing) for fast and accurate 3D printing. Print Big! The Cube supports build volumes up to 200x200x200mm. Translation – Bigger, Better, Faster!


    • Build volume:200*200*200mm.
    • Support single extruder.
    • Support LCD control.
    • Support SD card.
    • Work with ABS,PLA, which is cheap and convenient.
    • Low maintenance cost.
    • Shell material:wood

    Product Features

    • Mbot MB3D001 Plywood 3D Printer 200*200*200mm Build Volume Single Head Extruder

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    Mbot Mini Desktop 3d printer

    Introducing MBot3D latest creation: MBot Mini, which now caters for everyone! If you have been wanting to get into 3D printing but were worried you needed an engineering degree; don’t worry any more- we have the 3D printer for you. MBot Mini 3D printer features a compact size, high stability, and easy operation. These are all the available functionalities that make 3D printing technology easier for the average person. Mbot3D team intended to offer a user friendly and pleasurable 3D printing machine and solution for as many people as possible and they have delivered a beautiful machine that ticks all the boxes for someone just getting into 3D printing.

  • MBot Mini Specifications
  • Positioning Precision 0.1mm
  • Layer Thickness 0.1mm-0.3mm
  • Build Volume(Single-head) 40x140x135mm
  • Nozzle Working Temp 210?-260?
  • Build Volume(Single-head)
  • Flow Rate 50-120mm/S
  • Materials PLA
  • AC Input 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 90W
  • Connectivity PC/SD card with SDHC support
  • Chassis Aluminium Alloy
  • Front Cover Aluminium Alloy
  • XYZ Bearings IKO Linear Bearings(X&Z) HIWIN Linear Guid Rail(Y)
  • Stepper Motors 1.8° step angle with,1/16 micro stepping
  • Printer Size 332x330x308mm
  • Printer Software Mprint
  • File Types STL
  • Operating Systems WIN 7,Vista Linux,Mac OX
  • Product Features

    • Mbot Mini Desktop 3d printer

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    Mbot MB3D101 GRID II+ 3D Printer, 250*220*190mm Build Volume, Single Head 3rd Generation

    MBot GridII + is an improved version of MBot flagship desktop Grid II 3D printer. It features several upgraded components based on user feedbacks, to enhance superior performance and user-friendly experience.

    Product Features

    • Metal Chassis – In order to increase its robustness and durability, while reducing shipping risk, metal parts are added on MBot GridII +.
    • Sophisticated Resolution – Competent to build high-resolution models. An additional cooling fan is installed to improve extrusion stability. With a more efficient cooling system, motor keeps cool even after long-time working
    • Print Head – MBot GridII+ introduces a print cooling system based on aeromechanics, so that PLA is cooled immediately when extruding from the nozzle. Dual-head GridII+ is the only 3D printer available on market that is equipped with two dual-fan extruders, to provide the best print performance
    • Auto Leveling – With unique three-induction build platform leveling system, GridII+ is precisely leveled by mechanical induction instead of hands. Since there are rules to follow, leveling becomes simpler and smarter. A good beginning makes a perfect print.
    • Intelligent Compensation – MBot Grid?+ can automatically measure the distances between the nozzle and all the three ends of build platform,then adjust the height or tilt angle during building, so that rafts won’t be hard to remove and the extruder won’t clog.

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