Taulman 3D Clear In-PLA 3D printing filament 1.75 mm 1 kg

Clear In-PLA 3D printing filament 1.75 mm 1 kg. Taulman In-PLA is made using a Color Correct clear base-resin, which means that colors of In-PLA are significantly more vibrant than with standard PLA, and that color matching is a more straightforward and successful process. Other features of In-PLA include that it has ultra-low shrinkage and warping, and high strength when compared to standard PLA. The low shrinkage can be easily calculated into final designs, allowing for prints with ultra-high tolerances. Recommended Extruder Temperature: 207-212°C. Recommended Platform Temperature: 70°C Recommended print speed: 3000 mm/min

Product Features

  • 3D Printing Filament
  • Low Shrinkage
  • Low Warping
  • High Strength
  • Shiny finish

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3 thoughts on “Taulman 3D Clear In-PLA 3D printing filament 1.75 mm 1 kg”

  1. Looks good but need to compensate for higher temps This stuff has a much higher melting temperature than standard PLA. I normally run PLA at 60C on the bed and 180-190 or so on the hotend. I have printed a few things with this and it requires temperatures closer to ABS than to regular PLA. I was running my bed at 80 and my hotend at 220 and 235 on initial layers to get this to work correctly. It does look good when it comes out. It is extremely clear and would probably work really well if you wanted to use it for LED lighting or anything…

  2. Love this material Love this material. I didn’t buy from this supplier, I was lucky enough to get a sample of it. The material prints large prints just as you have always loved with PLA. It smells just as PLA does (think waffles). What makes this different from PLA is that the additive gives it the ability to take more abuse than PLA and it’s higher tensile strength is 10,000 PSI. It’s superior to PLA in every way. The most amazing difference is the clarity. This material has 90% optical Transmission,…

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