TCT Asia 2016 3D Printing Gallery

It’s often the case when you come to a 3D printing trade exhibition that a theme jumps out at you, often without realising the exhibitors seem to come together and showcase applications that mirror one another.  

At the second ever TCT + Personalize Asia there has definitely been a theme of large FDM prints and exceptional finishing techniques for both metal and plastic printed parts. Post-processing remains a hugely important subject for 3D printing and many of the larger plastic prints on display here have been finished by piecing together and painting a lacquer over the top of it.

Metal 3D printing has also been huge at TCT Asia what with several new players showcasing laser melting systems, Bright Laser Technology, Farsoon, Union Tech, Syndaya 3D Technology Co all displaying new machinery alongside the established players like Concept Laser, SLM Solutions and Renishaw.

Have a look through the gallery above to see some of the best examples of large scale plastic 3D printing and finishing here at TCT Asia.