The Micro 3D Printer Retail Edition – [Purple] Auto-calibrating 3D Printer, Assorted 3D Ink – 1 Spool, 1.75mm, 0.5lb., Windows Software, External Filament Port

The magic of 3D printing is now more affordable and accessible than ever! Meet The Micro by M3D, the first truly consumer 3D printer. The Micro is Powered by Micro Motion TechnologyTM, a series of next generation innovations that, together, create precision at a fraction of the cost. It can be used right out of the box to make custom creations come to life. Just plug in the printer, download models, hit print, and dive headfirst into the innovative world of 3D printing. What’s Included: -One Micro 3D Printer -One starter spool of our 3D Ink (PLA plastic) -Free M3D Software -User Manual/Quick Start guide -Country-Specific Power Adapter -USB Cable Printer Specifications: -Ultra fine nozzle: 350 microns -X position accuracy: 15 microns -Y position accuracy: 15 microns -Z layer thickness: 50-350 microns -Movement speed: up to 60 mm/s -Base Print Area: 4.4″x4.3″ (change to cm) -Prints with any 1.75mm filament

Product Features

  • Plug and play right out of the box
  • Simply download models and watch your creations come to life
  • Achieve high-quality print consistency every time with built-in auto-calibration technology
  • Sleek, compact, and quiet 3D printer, perfect for indoor use
  • The only consumer friendly 3D printer with UL safety rating

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3 thoughts on “The Micro 3D Printer Retail Edition – [Purple] Auto-calibrating 3D Printer, Assorted 3D Ink – 1 Spool, 1.75mm, 0.5lb., Windows Software, External Filament Port”

  1. Simply a fantastic little printer! This printer has received a bad rap from many of its owners, when in reality, it is a really great little machine. First off, it looks sleek and clean on your desk, and it is available in a bunch of cool colors. As opposed to other machines, the M3D looks good on your desk next to your computer. The printer itself is small, in fact, much smaller than I expected. Despite its size, the M3D has very good print quality, up to 50 micron layer resolution, which is more than even larger 3d printers…

  2. Best 3D printer for the price What attracted me to this printer was the price, the size, and the availability of filament. I purchased a refurbished black model for $300 directly from M3D. The printer is quite small and fits on my desk. It has an internal spool hold under the bed, or you can use a spool externally. The internal holder does not work well, and because I want to use larger spools I mount the spool externally. You can find 3D models of spool holders on sites like This printer does not…

  3. Finally a printer for everyone ..!!! I have owned my M3D printer now for about 9 months. I own 4 3D printers and this one is by far the one that is always going 24/7 365, it is the easiest printer to use, and it’s made to be simple to use and ready to go right out of box.I found m3d support to be quick and easy to email, when I had a question, and they got back fast within a short time with just the right solution.I have now printed over 250 WWII models, and i am considering starting a small 3D print…

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