Toast 11 Titanium Pro Mac

Toast 11 Pro is a valuable collection of Mac digital media apps. featuring Adobe Photoshop Elements 9, Blu-ray Disc authoring, Sonicfire Pro soundtrack creation, SoundSoap audio noise reduction and FotoMagico for gorgeous slideshows.

Easy photo-editing tools

Easy photo-editing tools.

Toast 11 Pro is a valuable collection of Mac digital media apps. It includes Toast 11 Titanium and $300 of extras, featuring Adobe Photoshop Elements 9, Blu-ray Disc authoring, Sonicfire Pro soundtrack creation, SoundSoap audio noise reduction and FotoMagico for gorgeous slideshows. Use Toast 11 to capture, convert and share your digital media almost anywhere. Toast’s new design, including both video and step-by-step tutorials, helps you optimize the digital files on your Mac. New features include faster processing speeds, disc burning from multiple drives, export to formats like Flash, MKV and DivX Plus HD, and direct video sharing to Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.

Toast Pro 11 delivers all the power of Toast 11 Titanium plus extras, including Adobe Photoshop Elements, Blu-ray Disc authoring plus three powerful photo and audio applications.

Top-Selling Consumer Photo-Editing Software

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9
  • Easily turn ordinary pictures into extraordinary photos
  • Share your life stories in unique print creations and web experiences
Toast Pro Features

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Instantly Remove Noise from Digital Audio and Video Files

BIAS SoundSoap 2 SE & new Toast Plug-in
  • Remove unwanted noise from LPs and cassette tapes
  • Eliminate noise picked up by a DV camera’s microphone

NEW! Turn Your Photos & Videos into Spellbinding HD Stories

FotoMagico 3 RE
  • Award-winning storytelling software for digital photo enthusiasts
  • Turn your pictures and movies into a high-definition story with music

Give Your Videos a Custom Soundtrack

SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5
  • Automatically adjust music to fit your creative needs
  • Easily adapt the instrument mix to the changing moods of your productions

Burn HD Video to DVD & Blu-ray Discs

BD Plug-in for Toast 11
  • Author your video to high-definition Blu-ray Disc
  • Burn HD video to standard DVD discs and watch in HD on any Blu-ray player

Product Features

  • Software for capturing, converting, and sharing your digital media almost anywhere
  • Toast 11 Titanium, plus Adobe Photoshop Elements, Blu-ray Disc authoring, and 3 photo and audio applications
  • Faster processing speeds; disc burning from multiple drives
  • Export to formats like Flash, MKV and DivX Plus HD
  • Direct video sharing to Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo

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3 thoughts on “Toast 11 Titanium Pro Mac”

  1. More bloated and buggy than ever. Horrible. I was hoping this might actually be an improvement over the dire Toast 10. I’ve been using Toast 9 since realizing Toast 10 was a disaster. Unfortunately, version 11 is just a more bloated, flashier-looking can of worms and I’m about to run a clean install to make sure every trace of this hiccup-ridden software is removed from my system. By the way, if you were hoping that Roxio has fixed the crossfade function (that way back used to be the excellent JAM but is now a mess), the answer is it is still the same as in Toast 10. For those who are aware of the audible click-inducing problems of 10 in that respect, there’s no need to try out 11 – they’ve done nothing to correct it. Disgraceful.

  2. The destruction of a good product Roxio has certainly botched the job this time. They have transformed a simple and reliable product into a confusing mess that leaves you waiting for the next crash. I have owned every version of Toast, but after buying this one I obtained a refund.Here is but one illustration of the dismal state of the product. It used to be quite simple to create a CD mix, dragging and dropping songs from iTunes, and then applying quick and easy fades, but no longer. The automatic fades are unreliable, the custom fades stubbornly refuse to do what you tell them. Either I’ve gotten stupid or Toast has. Unlike prior versions, it no longer shows how much time the music you have chosen consumes. You get only a feeble progress bar and a useless indication of how many megabytes have been used. Who creates a music CD based on megabytes rather than time? (According to other reviewers, the fade problem existed in version 10, but I hadn’t used it in years until I tried to create a mix in version 11.)I can’t offer a more comprehensive review of the product because I trashed it after a day. The unexpected quits are a killer. The interface changes are unnecessary and worse than pointless.Unless there is a specific feature that Toast 11 has that you need, or you can’t lay hands on Toast 10 (or earlier), then this is a product to avoid.

  3. nothing really new here…. As a Toast 10 Pro user I cant really see anything new here…. I mainly picked it up for the newer Fotomagico and Elements9 …. Toast itself is now slower thanks to this media browser thats hooked to it. Anytime you go into video mode it scans your itunes and can take a long time if you have a large library… I was hoping support for 3D files like MPO and 3D avi like Creator 2011 has and there is NONE …. Hopefully they will update this ! As a user of a Fuji 3d w3 camera and creator 2011 for the PC I wanted some mac unity but got zip.I have always liked and used Toast on my mac but I am starting to think its getting too bloated this media browser has to go or at least be user settable… I also found the Roxio Video Player to be lack luster the old one built by elgato could easily handle MTS (avchd) files , this new one stutters and has a hard time with them…. This new version seems to be more of a money grab than a legitimate update that took 2 years….. Hopefully after a few updates this thing will be more useable….. if you do update keep your Toast 10 installed as well…. Roxio please update with mpo support and turn off the media browser !

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