Total 3D Home Design Deluxe

Individual Software Inc PMM-H11 Total 3D Home Design Deluxe

Total 3D Home Design Deluxe 11

Design Your Home. Visualize Your Dreams!

Quickly visualize your home improvement projects. Whether you are redecorating a room, remodeling your house, or designing your dream home, everything is included. No architectural or construction experience is needed.

Total 3D Home separates itself from other products in its class since it is designed for you, rather than an architect. Previous design skills are not needed. Whether you are remodeling your house, decorating a room, or designing your dream home, the tools and inspiration you need are included. You’ll have access to all the features you need without paying for features you don’t want.

Easy-to-Use & Complete

Simply drag-and-drop to get started quickly. Search through 14,000 sample plans or scan and trace your own designs.

14,000 ready-to-build plans

Use one of 14,000 ready-to-build plans to launch your home design!

14,000 Sample Home Plans to help you get Started!

The Easiest Way to Design the Home of Your Dreams!

Never start from scratch! Save time and money using a ready-to-build plan. Easily find a perfect plan that fits your budget, lifestyle, and dreams. The selections are endless!

Endless Selection of Styles
  • Country
  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Spanish/Mediterranean
  • Coastal/Beach Homes
  • Chalets
  • Colonial
  • Southwestern
  • Cottages
  • Victorian
  • European Farmhouse
  • Ranch Style
  • Early American
  • Recreation/Vacation
  • Luxury Homes
  • Small Home Plans
  • Southern Homes
  • One-Story Homes
  • Two-Story Homes
  • Three-Story Homes
Decorate and furnish with realistic 3D objects

Visualize your home design and decorate and furnish with realistic 3D objects.

Easy-to-Use Professional-Quality Features

Quick FloorPlan Designer — Simply drag and drop SmartRoom Blocks to create complete rooms automatically.

Scan & Trace Blueprints — Perfect for remodeling projects as you can add, delete, or move walls.

Color-Coded Floor Plan — Easily identify furniture, appliances, windows, doors, and more in your design.

Video Tutorial — Loaded with helpful tips, the comprehensive Video Tutorial walks you through starting, building, and viewing your plan.

Powerful Custom 3D Design Tools

Import Digital Photos — Further customize your design by importing pictures into your design. Want to see how your favorite chair will look in your new living room? Just import a picture of it.

Custom Doors & Windows — Choose from over 40 window and door designs. Then modify them to fit your design.

Easily Estimate Costs & Track Your Budget — Create designs that fulfill your dreams and fit your budget. Automatically track estimated and actual costs for materials and labor.

Exclusive! Window Treatment Design Tool — Wake up your windows! Try new ideas for shades, valances, panels, and more.

Millions of Design Combinations — Choose from unlimited combinations of tiles, flooring, paint, wallpaper, bricks, and more.

2,500 indoor and outdoor designs

Get ideas from 2,500 professional indoor and outdoor designs.

High-Quality 3D Imaging

Real-Photo Dynamic Imaging — Total 3D Home’s advanced photo rendering transforms the look of a room using real photography.

Drag & Drop 3D Furniture & Objects — Quickly decorate and furnish your home with life-like 3D objects.

20,000 Brand-Name Products — No other software provides you with as many brand-name products as Total 3D Home. Visualize furniture, appliances, and other items in your plan before you buy them.

3D Kitchen & Bath Remodeling — Designing the perfect kitchen or bathroom has never been easier. Try new fixtures, appliances, and cabinets in seconds. Then view it in 3D!

3D Bedroom & Living Room Makeovers — Find a new style or look by quickly applying new colors, textures, and fabrics to furniture and floors.

Automatic Customizable Roofs — Choose from Hip, Gable, Gambrel, Flat, Shed, or Mansard. Then adjust the angle and pitch for a custom design.

Powerful, Easy-to-Use

Features Designed for You!

Step-by-Step Guides walk you through each step. Video Tutorials are loaded with helpful tips and advice, plus the Interactive User’s Guide offers instructions and help with each of these features — all included in the software!

  • 3D Home Design
  • 2D & 3D Views
  • Quick Floor Plan
  • Scan & Trace
  • Electrical & Plumbing Fixtures
  • Doors & Windows
  • Custom Roofs
  • Landscape & Gardens
  • Patios, Decks & Pools
  • Designer Showrooms
Build the home of your dreams

Let Total 3D Home Design help you build and enjoy the home of your dreams!

  • Portfolio of Home Plans
  • Real-Photo Dynamic Imaging
  • Brand Name Product Catalog
  • Real 3D Models
  • Budget Planner
  • Window Treatment Design Center
  • Import Digital Photos
  • Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
  • Powerful Remodeling Features
  • Square Foot Calculator
  • Railings, Staircases & Balconies
  • Space / Floor Plans
  • Furnishings & Accessories
  • Multiple Floor Home Design
  • Custom Roof Construction
  • Decorating Tools
  • Colors, Patterns & Textures
  • Cabinets & Appliances
  • Floors & Carpets
  • Drag & Drop User Interface
  • Scan in Blueprint or Sketch
  • Quick Tabs to Navigate Between Views
  • Video Tutorial
  • Step-by-Step Guides
  • Snap-To Guides with Settings
  • Multiple Undo / Redo Memory
  • Quick Rulers for Fast Measuring
  • Room Decoration & Arrangement
  • Smart RoomBlocks for fast designs
  • Smart ColorCoordinator color boards
  • Automatic Room & Wall Generators
  • Standard & Custom Measurements
  • Unlimited Customization of Objects
  • Type in Precise Dimensions (optional)
  • Apply Colors / Textures To All
  • Advanced Shadow / Lighting Control
  • Set Camera View Angles
  • Zoom In / Out
  • Sunrise / Sunset Setting
  • Interactive Showrooms
Exclusive design features

Exclusive design features for interior decorating.

  • 2,500 Interior / Exterior Photos
  • Build Custom Photo Portfolio
  • Six Rendering Settings
  • Space Plan Views
  • Floor Plan Views
  • 2D Elevation Views
  • 3D Aerial Views
  • 3D Walk-Through Views
  • Detailed Plan Notation Tools
  • Cathedral Ceilings & Skylights
  • Baths, Spas, Whirlpools & Saunas
  • Custom Wall Height, Width & Angles
  • Ceiling Fans & Track Lighting
  • Decorative Objects
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Thousands of 3D Objects
  • 40+ Customizable Doors & Windows
  • Single / Double / Triple Sinks
  • Indoor / Outdoor Furniture
  • Electronics & Entertainment
  • Sample Home Plans & Rooms
  • Home Design Resource Guide

Product Features

  • Home-design software for creating the home of your dreams
  • Search through 14,000 sample plans or scan and trace your own
  • Visualize your home design and decorate and furnish with realistic 3D objects
  • Simply drag-and-drop SmartRoom Blocks to create complete rooms automatically
  • Import digital photos; custom 3D design tools; helpful video tutorial

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2 thoughts on “Total 3D Home Design Deluxe”

  1. Not as good as previous I owned a previous version for Windows 98. When a new, major project came up, I had a few problems with it saving changes with Windows XP. So, I bought this version.All went well until I tried to add a full-size bed. The program has its width the same as a Queen, and did not allow me to change the dimensions. This is a new glitch for me, because I have been able to change dimensions on almost any item. I finally used a different bed and changed it. Looks OK in the Plan mode, but the Walk-through will not be accurate as to how things look.I have not been able to figure out how to add a bathroom sink to a vanity, which is a real pain.On a positive note, this program is much easier to work with than others that I have tried.

  2. Don’t waste your time or money This software is junk. It blows up / stops functioning / errors out repeatedly, and without recourse. It will randomly decide that a wall isn’t a wall (so you can’t put in doors or windows), or it will decide one room overlaps another (whether you use add room mode or build walls mode). Unfortunately, after it blows up it will not allow you to even select items or take any other action to try to guess/solve the problem – you must start over with a new file. After many hours of work and starting over four times, I tore my hair out and gave up (and I am an IT professional! Now an IT professional with no hair!). There is a phone number for tech support, but they do not return calls. Buy something else.

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