VIDEO: ASDA launches 3D printing service to clone yourself into mini action figure in Milton Keynes


If you want to make a mini figure of you to give to your girlfriend as a marriage proposal – you can with the ASDA 3D Me printing service

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If you’ve always wanted to see yourself or a loved one as a little miniature figure – you now have the chance to do it right here in Milton Keynes.

ASDA has launched its 3D Me service, which allows you to become a six inch or seven inch figurine with picture perfect quality, freckles and all. You can even make yourself an action figure to battle against your other childhood toys!

The 3D Me service has launched at ASDA’s superstore in Bletcham Way, Bletchley.

The 3D printing service requires you to stand pretty still for 12 seconds as you are scanned by a machine which captures up to 1500 frames in that time.

It then prints out the figurines using very thin 0.1mm layers of ceramic resin giving excellent detail.

ASDA say the experience gives you ‘something to be treasured for a lifetime’ as it captures you at that exact moment.

The figures cost £59 for adults and £49 for children. There are also options for parents with a young baby (£95) or if you want to wear a costume such as a coat of armour (£120).

Check out the video below to have a look at how it works!

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