Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2

The duplicator i3 is based on the revolutionary work of reprap core developer josef pr?ša (prusa). Wanhao is proud to introduce an entry-level 3d printer targeted at customers who want to begin 3d printing without having to build a kit. This is a pre-assembled steel frame prusa i3the best-selling reprap in 3d printing! amongst the features packed neatly into this platform are an mk10 single extruder, a gcode based micro-controller, and a standard heated build plate. Unlike most other prusa offerings on the market, this i3 comes standard with a custom electronics housing (also in stamped steel). For the value this machine can not be beat. This printer is the ultimate reprap!

Product Features

  • Build size 200 x 200 x 180mm
  • Connection via tf card or usb,sd card
  • Software cura,
  • Print precision 0.1 mm(minimal)
  • Printer unfolding size 400 x 410 x400mm

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2 thoughts on “Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2”

  1. A High Performance Mixed Bag I pre-ordered and received one of the very first Wanhao i3 printers. It printed very well straight out of the box, but has required several performance and reliability upgrades to really hit above its weight. Please keep in mind that Wanhao has been making revisions/upgrades to the machines on a regular basis since release. This review will assume you get the latest revision and ignore many of the issues mine had.PROS:-Low price-Arrives 95% assembled and ready to print…

  2. PURCHASE THIS PRINTER! This is an update from an old post. I had originally got a non functioning version from Wanhao USA (who is not officially related to Wanhao in anyway other than them selling their printers in the U.S.) Wanhao USA is terrible. Order this printer directly from Wanhao and you should have a much better experience (honestly anyone other than Wanhao USA should be good).After finally getting all the correct pieces from the person I ordered the printing from and hacking up some wires to get…

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