What is 3D Printing? Will It Change The Way We Live?

“What is 3D Printing?” explains what 3D printing is and how it will change society. When 3D printing becomes mainstream, it will be in every home and revolutionize printing as we know it. This e-book is for those who have never heard of this amazing new technology.

Author: Detorreon Pla

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 – What is 3D printing

Chapter 2 – When will we see 3D printers

Chapter 3 – How will it revolutonize manufacturing

Chapter 4 – How receptive will the public be to this new technology

Chapter 5 – How to capitalize on it now

Chapter 6 – How can 3D printing become better in the distant future

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One thought on “What is 3D Printing? Will It Change The Way We Live?”

  1. This “book” is a joke. Please don’t bother buying this…I was looking for some information about 3d printing and ways in which it might affect the future of manufacturing. This “book” is a compilation of small selections from two publicly available web sites ([…]) and is written at about a 3rd grade level. It consists of 6 chapters, each of which are one paragraph long and presented in a large font to make the text fill at least a small page. Unfortunately, it cost me $3.99 to find that out. Save your money. I’m actually shocked that Amazon sells something like this.

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