Z-ULTRAT 3D Printing Filament Ivory 1.75mm 800g

Z-ULTRAT Ivory (Z-Filament Series) – Versatile material suitable for printing many different types of models. It is perfect for prototyping models with features similar to products manufactured in the injection molding technology. It’s also suitable for mechanical and chemical post-processing. Objects 3D printed with Z-ULTRAT are strong, stable and time resistant. Z-ULTRAT properties are suitable for use in the evaluation of the object before starting mass production.

Product Features

  • Z-ULTRAT – dedicated plastic filament for 3D printing with Zortrax M200. Material with high hardness level, low elasticity and low level of deformation.
  • Excellent for printing architectural models, utility models and working parts in machine prototypes. Perfectly imitates the properties of materials used in mass production.
  • The use of Z-ULTRAT filament with Zortrax M200 3D printer and dedicated Z-Suite Software allows you to generate easily removable support for the model.
  • Single Extruder Support technology allows you to print complex models without the use of additional extruder or material.
  • Now available in 5 colors – Blue, Green, Ivory, Red and Yellow. More to come.

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One thought on “Z-ULTRAT 3D Printing Filament Ivory 1.75mm 800g”

  1. Use it with any 3D printer, very nice print quality. I have been using this Z Ultrat with my Flashforge Creator Pro. This material is designed to work with the Zortrax M200 which uses proprietary software and so I had no idea at what temp to print with. So I tried the settings I use for most of my ABS prints. 240c and 110c for the print bed with an active cooling. The very first print turned out beautifully and I am very impressed with the print quality over ABS. I have no idea if this Z Ultrat is PLA or something else but it stuck to the heated…

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