Zen Toolworks CNC 7×12 3D Printer/Milling Kit

This is a DIY kit for a CNC milling/carving machine. You can now build your very own CNC machine to do relief carving, letter cutting, milling, inlay, and many other interesting processes that enhance your woodworking, PCB and endless other projects.

The body of the machine is constructed from high density PVC material. High quality, stainless steel guide rods, linear bearings, and stainless steel lead screws allow for extremely smooth and accurate movement. The anti-backlash teflon nut design will virtually eliminate all backlashes. Three new Dual Shaft Nema 17 motors for all three axis are also included along with wiring harness. The install is very easy, and can be done as an evening or weekend project. The structural build usually takes 3-4 hours to complete. We have worked hard to produce visual written instructions as well as videos to assist in the build.

Finally, a CNC kit that is affordable, durable and accurate, and easy to build. The high quality PVC material creates a strong bond with the hardware to keep a low maintenance machine.

Please consult our website for our wiki and forum that supports our products.

NOT INCLUDED: This is just the CNC machine frame with stepper motors, guide rods, and lead screws. You will need a 3 axis stepper motor driver to manage each motor, a spindle/cutting tool with mounting hardware, which is all available from Zen Toolworks. You will also need a DC power supply and a computer with a standard printer port and CNC control software.
IF you are looking for a complete kit with everything needed including all electronic equipment and software, please check out our Amazon store front for our complete packages as well as many other products.

Product Features

  • Total Travel Capacity: 12(X) x 7(Y) x 5(Z) Inches
  • Frame Constructed of Sturdy PVC Material
  • Brand New Dual Shaft Nema 17 Stepper Motors Included
  • Accurate M8 x 20mm (F20)Lead Screws on X and Y, M8x8mm(F8) on Z
  • The Spindle and Extruder are NOT included.

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2 thoughts on “Zen Toolworks CNC 7×12 3D Printer/Milling Kit”

  1. Great product as long as you know what you’re getting into! First, let me tell you why I like this CNC machine:It’s the cheapest CNC machine on the market that has a decent size working area. This is even cheaper than the Chinese machines on eBay that ship from Hong Kong, and you’re taking a big risk by ordering those. For the price, you absolutely cannot do better. You’d have to spend twice as much to do better. All of the parts are well made, and physical assembly is pretty easy. And, it’s very precise when working with the right materials.Now, let me tell you things you should be aware before you order:1. If you order this kit, you will need additional items to make it work (I’ll get to that later).2. It’s really not suitable for metals. You might be able to mill soft aluminum, but that’s about it. The frame is made of PVC, and the design itself means the machine has a tiny bit of flex to it that can translate to poor precision on hard metals.3. You have to assemble it yourself! It comes as a box of parts. Assembly isn’t that hard if you’re paying attention, but it can take a while. It took me about 5 hours, but I was taking it slow to be extra careful.4. Setting up the software can be difficult, but that’s really the case with any CNC machine that does come with software.Now, if none of that deters you, then this machine should work well for you. If you order, keep in mind that you’ll need these things to go with it:1. Stepper Control board (I ordered a 3 axis TB6560)2. 12-24V Power Supply (mine is 24V, try searching for “cnc power supply”)3. Dremel or spindle (and you’ll probably need to make a mount to attach it)4. Endmills (a basic 3mm or 1/8″ flat end mill will get you started)5. A computer with a parallel port. USB to Parallel converters don’t work! (I just bought a used PC for $40 at a local computer shop, and it works well)6. CAD software7. CAM software8. CNC control software (I use LinuxCNC, which is free)If you have questions before or after purchasing, check out the Zen Toolworks forum, there are some really helpful people on there who should be able to point you in the right direction.

  2. Tough but fun and rewarding DIY kit. I spend a lot of time reading up on different do-it-yourself CNC machines and kits. The Zen Toolworks machine looked like the best fit for me. Since I had checked things out prior to getting it, I knew that it wasn’t an easy or quick project to build. I was correct! However, the wiki and forum site for Zen Toolworks have had almost every answer I have needed when I got stuck building or testing the machine. As another review said, this is not a complete kit to make a fully operating machine. You have to buy the electronics separately, which allows you to customize the machine to your perfered configuration. In addition you must buy a spindle motor (motor the bits are attached to).After roughly 15 hours of assembly and basic testing, I was able to get the machine to perform all the movements and actions it was supposed to. However, it took several evenings of testing and troubleshooting to learn how to go from a CAD image to a completed piece made by the CNC machine. The software is complex, but very powerful once you begin to understand it. Though some software is free, probably the best know industry standard software is an additional expense. The demo versions of the software (free) may suit your needs for smaller projects.I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of building the machine, learning the software, and making the parts I want for robotics and other projects.As a side note, one of the biggest initial issues I had was using the wrong bit for cutting plastic. I could have saved days of trial and error by purchasing one from Zen Toolworks or another vendor.

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